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Doric columns

Kalós is a free Classic Greek Dictionary, trilingual, with definitions in English, French and Spanish. It contains approximately 25,000 entries

You are welcome to download it, and start enjoying it right away.

Kalós also includes New Testament and koiné vocabulary, including biblical names, which makes it a very useful resource for religion and theology scholars.

Morphological analysis

Kalós includes the best morphological analysis tool in the market.
Our heuristic Greek engine plus our extensive forms database allow us to find both simple and hard-to-recongize forms from ancient Greek texts. Besides, Kalós is a downloadable program that works offline: an Internet connection is not necessary.

Inflection charts

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Kalós produces beautiful tables and charts with the inflections of any word. You can even choose by which accidence the forms are grouped.
For example, tables of verb conjugations can be presented grouped in columns of modes, with persons on the left, or vice versa.
Our charts can be printed and exported to most popular document formats, including PDF and Excel.