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A low-traffic maillist for notifying about new Kalos releases.

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  1. New version of Kalos (4.15)
    Sent January 3rd 2014

    Dear Kalos Users, A new version of Kalos, the Greek tool, is available: 4.15. It features several minor additions and fixes. As usual, you can get it at http://www.kalos-software.com/downloads.php Regards Gonzalo, the author of Kalos ...

  2. new version of Kalos (4.14)
    Sent January 3rd 2011

    Dear Kalos Users: A new version of Kalos Classic Greek software (4.14) is available. If corrects some errors on the Morphological Analysis tool and the Chart Printing tool. Additionaly, some minor improvements to the program's look-and-feel where made, Y...


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